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“How I got rid of a huge belly”: the story of a man who has lost 56 kg

This is the story of Franco Marini, a man who at age 40 weighed 137 pounds and was in danger of suffering from incurable health problems.

Franco realized that he was not ready to accept to live the life of a man fat and diabetic, so he chose a different path.

“I knew I had to take more drastic measures to normalize my weight. With a waist of 118 cm, I could barely close the zipper of my XXXXXL pants size. Soon after, this size has become too small. I had to keep changing buttons and slots because they did not stand up.

Also find a shirt had become very difficult. XXL T-shirts they were small, but the shirts I shook too much when I sat down. I slept badly. When I lay on the bed or on the couch, I felt like a beached whale.

I arrived at this point for several reasons related to my childhood.

In my entire life I have never run for an entire kilometer without stopping or walking slowly.

In 2015 I came to weigh 137 kg the risk of becoming diabetic.

So I decided to change my life. I worried a lot for my wife, I did not want to remain a widow.

Like everyone else, I started the diet.

All diets are based on the same principle: if you consume fewer calories than you burn then you lose weight.

But for some reason, I’m fatter.

After a month of the diet, I realized that reducing calories was not enough: I needed something else, something more active and effective.

Then I went to the gym, but even there I did not get the desired results. I only suffered physical and psychological torture. They were forbidden many things I liked, but I did not get results. So I fell into depression.

I started drinking a lot and I have recovered the little weight that I was able to lose with so many efforts, with the addition of 8 kg.

It was obvious that I could not go on like this, and when my wife left me, I knew I had to fight.

My new life began with an appointment with a psychotherapist. You can imagine my sadness: I was a big man of 150 kg, fat and in tears.

Gradually I solved all my problems. It was clear even without a doctor who was suffering psychologically because of my weight, but I needed a solution.

And my favorite doctor, Joan Archer, helped me. No, not with psychotherapy sessions, but with a pack of UltraMetabolismo.


When I accepted that gift, I could not even imagine that it could be so easy .

Of course, I immediately asked for information about the product. In short: UltraMetabolismo is a new product in the field of weight loss . Its formula, carefully designed to achieve the best results, contain aloe juice, calendula extract, green tea extract, artichoke extract, blackcurrant extract, Asian Centella extract, juniper, turmeric, rosemary extract and chimney, ingredients 100% high quality natural and ecological which avoid dangerous accumulation of fat in internal organs. It should be taken carefully respecting the instructions (just dilute 30 ml of product and drink it during the day), but you are not obliged to follow any diet. You can find more information on the official website of the manufacturer.

Looking for information about the product, I found a scientific article in which there was a detailed explanation. I had no more doubts.

I never thought that losing weight could be so simple and delicious!

The composition of the product UltraMetabolismo is unique! Due to the acceleration of metabolism and purification processes, you lose weight very quickly. It was just what I needed.

You can buy UltraMetabolismo only on the Internet (it is not yet available in stores).

So I went on the website and ordered a pack of UltraMetabolismo (in addition to the one he had given me the doctor). The fact that we should not pay in advance is very convenient, makes life easier.

But I will say that I have not opened the second package. One was enough.

I do not lie to you: I continued to play sports once a week to stay healthy (do not want him to manifest the symptoms of diabetes, because with UltraMetabolismo I could eat whatever I wanted).

After only two weeks the results shocked me: I had lost 8.3 kg! I could not believe what was happening to my body. I was losing weight , my body was shrinking and my appearance was changing right before my eyes! I no longer short of breath. I began to have success with women . I’ll tell you in confidence that even virility has increased dramatically! And at the same time, I not renounced anything !!!

Only lazy people really fail to lose weight as well!

A pack I lasted three months!

I spent a lot of money on clothes. Every two weeks I changed size. I started by XXL and now I bring M.

AThe April 12, 2016 I weighed 80 kg or 50 kg lighter than before to fall into depression. Thank UltraMetabolismo I lost 56 kg in total.

My weight loss experience has taught me that I can do anything. I’m in seventh heaven. I’ve never felt better or happier than this! My sole purpose in life was to improve my physical health. Well, I did it.

It remains to be seen what is the next issue to be addressed.

I want to say to those who have read my story not to procrastinate and immediately begin to lose weight, because you will not notice being greased by another 10 kg in one year and in less than no time it will be too late to act. In addition, losing weight with UltraMetabolismo is so easy that you will begin to “disappear” without realizing it.

You can order the original version of UltraMetabolismo only on the OFFICIAL site of the manufacturer. Here’s the link . ”

The best remedy for weight loss that you have never hear

The dr. Oz had ever revealed this secret to lose weight only to his celebrity clients (and paying), or at least it did until recently. He said he felt having to reveal even to its viewers because he was tired of feeling like they had wasted thousands of dollars on expensive dietary supplements or dangerous surgeries that promise great things, but they often do more harm than good. As a result, a few weeks ago he shared with all the viewers of his program this simple solution, which previously had only revealed to his famous clients!

In fact, he discovered this slimming miracle when a whole host of celebrity friends and customers continued to contact him hoping he was able to provide a solution to lose weight and prolong their careers without surgery.

How does it work?

It’s very simple: just dilute 30 ml of UltraMetabolismo syrup in a glass of water and drink it throughout the day. In a few days you will see noticeable changes in your body!

The story of Bianca, and results

Bianca is 37 years old, has three children and lives in Milan. Like most women her age, she had begun to accumulate unwanted excess pounds. He said he volunteered because nothing he tried seemed to work and was very frustrated by this. He was also considered to undergo an expensive and dangerous anti-cellulite action. This was his last resort.

Here are his results …

Fifth day: After five days of use UltraMetabolismo I was surprised by how I felt good. I had no feeling of heaviness in the stomach or bowel disorders. It seemed to me that this magical product had all my muscles toned. He had given me so much energy that I had begun to eat less junk food, but I had no time to make the move.


Fourteenth day: After fourteen days of using UltraMetabolismo the results were shocking: I had lost 9 kg! I was shocked and I already felt more confident. Each time it was a pleasure to look in the mirror.
Thirtieth day: After 30 days had passed away not only all my doubts, BUT ALSO THE WEIGHT IN EXCESS! I had lost over 24 kg. I had never seen or heard anything pull my skin with such a force, not even the most expensive products! My friends and family were all shocked: they could not believe their eyes and were convinced themselves that lying when I said I have not done a liposuction!

The verdict:

Using UltraMetabolismo you can lose 20 kg in a month. Pull the skin in the abdomen and around the hips and eliminates any sign of aging and dehydrated skin.

Will it work for you?

There are a lot of diet gimmicks around, and most of these are absurdly expensive. About the results, so do not want to promise anything to our readers, we simply want to challenge you to do what the Dr. Oz recommended during the program With so many options it is natural to feel skeptical: try it to believe it !

For convenience, I have included the link of the product recommended by Dr. Oz. At the time of this writing, is still running a promotion: 50% discount on UltraMetabolismo . Use the link below and you will get even the minimum postage.

Now Let’s Talk About UltraMetabolismo Composition

If you answered yes to one or more claims – the risk of obesity is very high with terrible consequences for your health!

I have trouble breathing when I walk or climb stairs

I feel pain in the joints and the lower back

I sweat a lot, especially in summer

At the end of the day the my legs are tired and swollen

Blood pressure  is rising and I have headaches


I sleep badly during the night and during the day I feel exhausted

12 Millions of women With obesity problems first, second and third degree, have already managed to heal!




Use a method that has proven its effectiveness in every corner of the country

  • Lifestyle changes and experience the benefits of an efficient metabolism
  • Each physiological aspect also benefits from a renewed metabolic balance
  • Do not wait! Take advantage of the offer!



100% Natural Ingredients

Aloe juice
Of calendula extract
Green tea extract
It has beneficial effects on the work of secretion of digestive glands, it accelerates metabolic processes, stimulates the secretion of bile and normalizes the discharge of feces.

Calendula Extract
It has an effective bactericidal and helps purify the blood of toxins, excess fluid in the tissues

Green tea extract
It nourishes the body with antioxidants, promotes the splitting and lowers excess cholesterol.

The Artichoke extract
It helps in improving the digestive tract functions.

The currant extract
Black provides the body with the necessary vitamins and vigor of the body.

The extract of Centella asiatica
It has a mild calming effect on the nervous system.

It is one of the powerful natural antioxidants and also has a pronounced diuretic effect to eliminate the excess of fluid in the tissues.

It can reduce blood sugar.

The smoke extract
gently cleanses the liver and normalizes the function of the urinary system.


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The best remedy for weight loss that you have never hear
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